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Partner Programs
Accounts-Receivable Factoring Solutions for Cash-Flow Problems

Partner Programs

TCI Business Capital is a leading provider of accounts-receivable factoring to companies in the United States and Canada. Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with a variety of deal brokers and professional enterprises, including accounting, banking, financial, insurance, legal, and more. These partner programs enable all parties to share in the mutual success of factoring.

partner programsThe TCI Business Capital Advantage

Because we’re a nonbank financial services company, we’re not constrained by the same strict credit underwriting regulations as other types of financial institutions. We employ more creativity and flexibility to manage risks that other institutions avoid. Our get-the-deal-done culture challenges our business advisors to be creative and find the best possible solution for your prospect.

As a broker, you have a lot of choices when it comes to working with a partner. TCI offers a unique combination of superior customer service and years of experience, making us the #1 factor in North America. We’ll ensure the companies you refer are thrilled by the service and support they get, and you’ll know your clients are in good hands.

Partner Programs with TCI Business Capital Allow You to:

  • Offer a cash-flow solution to companies who need working capital, but can’t get sufficient financing from their bank.
  • Introduce your prospect to our streamlined factoring lines, giving them access to capital otherwise locked up in their accounts receivables.
  • Introduce your prospect to our simple and straightforward underwriting process where most customers receive written approvals in 30 minutes or less.

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Factoring Success with TCI Business Capital

Since 1994, TCI Business Capital has provided best-in-class factoring solutions to thousands of small- to mid-sized companies across the United States and Canada. We offer reliable cash-flow solutions enabling companies to meet the challenges and opportunities they face.

Our customers work on the front lines of North America’s growth sectors. They choose us for the working capital they need because they’re not always able to obtain sufficient financing from a bank. Because of our creative finance solutions, we’re able to provide cash to businesses to a wide range of industries.

Our easy-to-set-up factoring lines allow customers access to the working capital they need, quickly and easily. Approvals can be done in 10 minutes and funding within 24 hours. We distinguish ourselves from others with our get-it-done culture, reliability, flexibility and award-winning customer service.

TCI Business Capital takes pride in the success of clients. The client’s success is shared with our partners who refer deals to us. Our partner programs offer competitive compensation to deal brokers and referral agents.

TCI Business Capital clients often have needs that can be met by banks, insurance agents, and others. When we have a referral opportunity, we look to our partner program first.

TCI Business Capital – The Industries We Serve

Every industry or trade has a distinct way of doing business. Knowing “how things work” is gained from experience and getting the job done right. TCI Business Capital has over 20 years of experience providing factoring to companies working in a wide range of industries and trades. With our knowledge and understanding of various markets, the benefits for clients are more than just cash flow.

TCI Business Capital clients work in a wide range of industries. Our familiarity with the major companies in these industries comes from years of working on behalf of our clients. Our time-tested relationships and reputation serve our clients well.

Industry Expertise

telecom and wirelessTelecom & Wireless Contractors – With the continuous updating and expansion of telecommunication systems and wireless networks, there’s a steady demand for contractors for services such as engineering, construction, maintenance and outside plant facilities upgrades. TCI Business Capital provides factoring for companies doing work such as cell-tower construction, trenching, fiber optic and structured cabling, network engineering, decommissioning and removals, and more. These companies use the cash from factoring to complete their projects and take on more work, enabling more aggressive growth.

heavy constructionHeavy Construction Operators – No matter if it’s operating an excavating company, construction management, welding or performing utility locating work, the need for cash is the same. TCI Business Capital has experience factoring for clients who do this kind of work. We understand the challenges that come with running these businesses. Factoring provides the cash companies need to succeed.


technologyTechnology Companies –Technology companies are one of the biggest growth industries in North America. IT consultants, data management firms, network services companies and software developers use factoring to cash flow their business. At TCI Business Capital, we recognize the importance of cash flow to technology services companies.


utility and pipeline Utility & Pipeline Companies – TCI Business Capital has experience with all types of utility projects and pipeline construction work. Pipeline contractors doing construction, inspection and rehabilitation use factoring as a source of cash. Utility contractors, and sewer and water-main construction companies have benefited from the cash flow factoring provides.


oilfield financingOilfield Services – TCI Business Capital is a leader in factoring for oilfield service companies. Clients work in many segments of the exploration for and production of oil and natural gas. Oilfield services companies from the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas to the Tar Sands of Alberta use factoring as their reliable source of cash.


trucking and freightTrucking & Freight – Factoring for trucking fleets and freight haulers are a core part of TCI Business Capital. The knowledge and experience of our staff, along with the reputation we’ve earned for service, makes TCI Business Capital a trustworthy choice for trucking companies interested in factoring.

invoice factoring and accounts-receivable financing for solar, wind, and renewable energy contractorsRenewable Energy – The demand for renewable energy continues to increase. TCI Business Capital is here to help companies that build and maintain these solar and wind farms fund their businesses so that their able to take advantage of the growth opportunities.

government contractorsGovernment Contractors – Winning government contracts is exciting for any business. Having the cash to perform and complete the contracts is a necessity. Factoring with TCI Business Capital provides the cash needed by government contractors to meet their deadlines. We provide fast invoice payment for federal, state, provincial and local contractors that need steady cash flow to deliver their services to all branches of government.


staffing agenciesStaffing Agencies – Factoring has been used by staffing agencies and employment firms for years. TCI Business Capital provides factoring lines to many staffing agencies. Clerical, administration, temporary and long-term placement, and medical staffing are some of the types of agencies who have successfully used factoring lines from TCI Business Capital.


financing for other industriesOther Industries – Apparel companies, manufacturers, distributors, printers, advertising agencies, media companies and many other businesses use factoring as their source of cash. TCI Business Capital can customize a factoring line to meet the needs of most any business.

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