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Top 5 Reasons Companies Factor
Is it time for you to start factoring?

Top 5 Reasons Companies Factor Their Invoices

May 31, 2018

Factoring, also referred to as invoice factoring or accounts receivable financing, is a flexible financing option businesses use to obtain steady cash flow. Instead of waiting to get paid, factoring provides you with working capital on your open invoices. So, when should you start factoring? Below are the top five reasons companies factor their invoices.

Top 5 Reasons Companies Factor Their Invoices

1. Slow-Paying Customers

Are you waiting weeks or even months for customer payment? Could you use the money today, that is tied up in your accounts receivables? Invoice factoring eliminates the wait on slow-paying customers by paying you immediately on your open invoices.

Top 5 reasons companies factor their invoices2. Obtain Steady Cash Flow

With factoring, you’ll have a reliable stream of cash. Once you send your invoices to the factoring company, you’ll get an advance right away, providing your business with steady cash flow.

3. Business Growth

If you’re growing quicker than cash is coming in and need working capital to hire more employees, get more equipment, or invest in new resources, factoring can provide you with working capital to grow.

4. No Credit, Less-Than-Perfect Credit, or Maxed-Out Credit

With factoring, approvals are based on your customers’ credit rather than yours. This gives companies with no credit, less-than-perfect credit, or maxed-out credit the ability to get working capital when the bank says no.

5. Your Staff is Too Busy

Most small businesses have a lean back office. Small business owners know the headaches of running an organization, filing papers, maintaining records, and collection of invoices. Many times, there aren’t enough resources to effectively handle all of the back-office functions of a business.

Top factoring companies provide several other services in addition to just factoring invoices. For example, Scale Funding provides extra support services including free credit checks on your customers, AR management, and online reporting.

Is It Time For You To Start Factoring?

If you can relate to any of the reasons listed above, it is time for you to start factoring.

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