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Current Active Drilling Rigs Report

Current Active Drilling Rigs – June 2022

June 28, 2022

Over the past month, oil prices have peaked and valleyed. On May 27th, prices closed at $115.07. Since then, prices hit a high of $122.11 on June 8th. On June 23rd, prices closed at $104.27.

The Energy Information Administration’s June 23rd “This Week in Petroleum” report states US refinery capacity has decreased for the second consecutive year. The EIA says constraints on refinery capacity are contributing to the current record prices for gasoline and diesel fuel.

The June 24th Baker Hughes rig count report shows 753 active drilling rigs in the US. One month ago, the total active rig count was 728, and one year ago it was 470 rigs.

The oil rig count is currently 594 rigs, compared to 576 one month ago, and 372 one year ago. The gas rig count is 157, compared to 150 one month ago and 98 last June.

June 2022 Rig Count by Shale*

In the major plays, the Permian Basin rig count is at 349 rigs, up six rigs in the last month.

In east Texas, the Eagle Ford shale is at 72 active rigs, a decrease of seven rigs from May.

The Haynesville shale rig count is at 69 rigs, down one from the May rig count.

The Anadarko rig count is 60 rigs, up two rigs from last month.

The active rig count in the Niobrara Shale is 38 rigs, up six rigs in the last month.

The Bakken Shale rig count is at 38 rigs, the same as the May count.

The Appalachian has 51 active rigs, which is also the same count as May.

June 2022 Rig Count by State*

*Data from June 24, 2022, Baker Hughes Report.

Bakken Region Total: 38
Montana: 3
North Dakota: 35
Rocky Mountain Total: 143
Colorado: 19
New Mexico: 111
Utah: 14
Wyoming: 19
Central Plains Total: 58
Oklahoma: 60
Kansas: 0
Arkansas: 0
Gulf States Total: 64
Alabama: 0
Louisiana North: 46
Louisiana South (land & offshore): 15
Mississippi: 0
Texas Total: 356
Texas RRC
District 1: 38
District 2: 22
District 3: 6
District 4: 20
District 5: 5
District 6: 26
District 7B: 4
District 7C: 23
District 8: 198
District 8A: 16
District 9: 2
District 10: 1
Appalachian Total:51
Ohio: 12
Pennsylvania: 25
West Virginia: 14

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