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Collections and Client Relationships

Collections and Client Relationships

April 5, 2018

One of the value-added benefits of factoring with TCI Business Capital is the work done by the AR Management Department. The AR specialists’ job is to make sure client invoices get processed and paid on time.

The TCI Business Capital AR Management Department engages with your customers when invoices are past due and works to resolve any issues that affect invoice payment. They understand the importance of the client relationship with their customers. Our department represents both our clients and our company in a professional, respectful manner.collections team

Best Practices for Utilizing Your AR Management Teams at TCI Business Capital

Each client at TCI Business Capital has a relationship manager and an AR specialist assigned to their account. To build stronger relationships with our clients, here are some tips and insight to help streamline efforts on past due invoices.

  • Communications: Your AR specialist will keep you informed of issues related to any invoices that are past due. Do you have a preferred method of communicating? Would you prefer a weekly update or a phone call to resolve a particular scenario? Let your AR specialist know your preference so that they can communicate with you effectively.
  • Information: Knowing if a customer is dragging their feet on paying an invoice is helpful.  Our AR specialists keep extensive notes on their discussions with your customers. Would you like to be updated regarding varying situations on loads, invoices, payment status, or any other pertinent information? Discuss with your  AR specialist what information you find necessary so they can share it with you.
  • Paperwork: Submitting proper invoices is critical to prompt processing and payments. If you come across missing or additional paperwork related to an invoice, please utilize your AR specialist to get it passed on to the necessary parties. Sometimes, other receipts or documents show up a few weeks after the fact. We will expedite them to the customer, so payments do not get delayed.
  • Teamwork: Constant communication is key to keeping open issues on the forefront. Sharing an update from a debtor or customer with us is helpful in the long run. The more information we have, the faster we can get to the root of the problem and provide you with a positive solution.

We strive to provide the best factoring services on the market. Please feel free to reach out to TCI Business Capital for any and all needs.

About TCI Business Capital

Since 1994, TCI Business Capital has provided invoice factoring services to businesses across the United States and Canada. TCI Business Capital has experience serving companies in a variety of industries and situations. For further information on factoring with TCI Business Capital, call (800) 707-4845.

Author: Samatha D.