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Hiring Subcontractors

Helpful Tips for Hiring Subcontractors

February 23, 2016

Tips for Hiring Subcontractors

Helpful Tips for Hiring Subcontractors


Hiring subcontractors is a common solution to meeting the demands of a growing business. It’s important that work performed by subcontractors is satisfactory to you and your customers, and that there are no misunderstandings regarding your billing and payment rights. These items are customarily addressed in written agreements between companies and their subcontractors.

Lien Waivers

If you are subcontracting your work, it is important to ensure timely payments to your subcontracts in efforts to avoid liens – which can ultimately lead to payment issues. TCI Business Capital recommends that you require lien wavers when payment is satisfied to a subcontractor.  If an effort to avoid any payment delays, TCI can assist in the management of your payables with accounts receivables financing.

Seek Legal Advice

We recommend that you seek legal guidance to ensure that your agreement includes the proper provisions to keep you and your subcontracts in compliance. Please be sure to provide them with any agreements you may have between you and your customers – doing so will help to ensure that compliance is met in regard to the terms and obligations outlines in the agreements.

Paying Your Subcontractors

Waiting for customer payment can make it difficult to pay your subcontractors on time. It can also causes unneeded stress and sometimes a negative cash flow statement.  TCI Business Capital can help you keep a consistent, steady cash flow by factoring your invoices. Call 800-707-4845 today to learn more.