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Recycling: How the Oil Industry Does It

December 28, 2017

RecyclingOil companies who recycle their equipment not only helps minimize their impact on the environment but actually helps avoid paying hefty disposal costs. As if this isn’t enough, the United States Government assists in making recycling more affordable by offering subsidies to environmentally friendly oil companies.

Here are three ways that you can make your oil company more eco-friendly.

Recycling Solvent

Solvent Saver Systems will significantly reduce your recurrent expenses by enabling you to redeem reusable solvents that are 95 percent pure. These systems are so easy to use that you can assemble it on sight. However, if you are a company that emits high volume waste streams, it will require a professional installation. Using this system will reduce your environmental impact while saving you money at the same time.

Recycling Damaged Metals

In the oil industry, it is not uncommon for an old piece of equipment to become unusable. However, the aged equipment still has potential.

When drilling pipes succumb to wear and tear, most oil companies throw them away and purchase new sets. Your company can avoid purchasing new drilling pipes by taking damaged pipes to any large-scale scrap dealer that is experienced in recycling oilfield equipment, saving 50 percent on cost.

Old pipelines also have potential to be recycled. Pipelines can be smelted into new ones or, alternatively, may be smelted into an entirely new product such as screws to replace rusted ones. Most pipes contain a superior coating that ensures the metal stays rust-proof, even after recycling.

A majority of upstream oilfield service companies dispose of damaged drill bits by selling them to scrap dealers. These companies extract the tungsten carbide (the metal in the bits that is designed to endure the immense pressure and friction of drilling) and create new and reliable drill bits.

Recycling Gasoline Equipment

Damaged gasoline equipment can be incredibly dangerous to have on-site. Fortunately, it can be incredibly easy to dispose of old or faulty equipment and replace them with brand-new products.

The tank on a gasoline tanker is incredibly expensive because it is normally constructed from a unique, high-density plastic. Enclosed in metal to protect it during transit, these tanks often last quite a while. However, once they go bad, they are expensive to dispose of. You can recycle gasoline tanks by removing the outer metal housing and having a specialist work on the tank itself.

Do you have gas cylinders that are damaged beyond repair? It is easy to recycle them to receive new ones rather than purchasing. However, it is important that you take damaged gas cylinders to a professional because any mishandling may lead to fatal consequences.


With the public’s opinion of the oil industry becoming increasingly unfavorable, it is important that you do what you can to recycle. Not only will recycling improve your company’s reputation, but it also will save you a significant amount of money. Join one of the largest trends in the oil industry and start recycling today.

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