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Oilfield Power Generation
What power source is best for your company?

Oilfield Power Generation

February 26, 2018

A Primer On Oilfield Power Generation Equipment

A reliable power source is necessary to run most oilfield operations. Nowadays, there is a variety of oilfield power generation equipment in the market suitable for small and large scale field operations. Investing in reliable power generation equipment ensures your daily operations flow smoothly.

Are you looking for a variety of ideal oilfield power generation equipment? The list below summarizes the power generation equipment in use today.

1. Natural Gas Generators

A gas generator produces electricity by using propane to run an internal engine. Natural gas generators are environmentally friendly as they do not emit hazardous compounds when used.

Natural gas generators come in different sizes and don’t require specialized equipment or personnel to transport from one site to the next. If your oilfield company undertakes rigorous daily activities, you’ll need a generator with a large capacity fuel tank to sustain operations.oilfield power generation

2. Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are commonly used in most oilfield operations due to the easy availability of diesel fuel and operating one takes no special training. These generators are ideal for lengthy operations because diesel produces enough electricity to power up your equipment all day. Diesel powered generators produce 30 percent more energy than natural gas generators.

Oilfield service companies that recycle their waste streams can use the redeemed diesel to power their generators. In addition, diesel generators require little maintenance, making them viable for long-term use.

3. Steam Turbine Generator

This generator produces electricity when heated steam rapidly rotates turbine blades, which in turn generates electricity. The steam is then cooled down in a condenser chamber and reheated for another cycle. Steam generators are suitable for large scale oilfield production because all you need is water as the main input, unlike diesel generators which require large volumes of diesel. They also have a high power to weight ratio which means you can generate adequate power with just a few rotations.

4. Hybrid Bi-fuel Generators

A hybrid generator can run on either diesel or natural gas.  Using this generator ensures your operations remain unaffected whenever the price of diesel spikes upwards because you can switch to propane as an alternative fuel source. It is more complimentary to environmental regulatory policies than a typical diesel-powered generator.

Some hybrid bi-fuel generators can use diesel and propane gas at the same time. This feature is suitable whenever running high-energy consumption oil production equipment.

5. Hydraulic Generators

A hydraulic generator produces power by converting a machine’s kinetic energy into electrical current. Its sole reliance on kinetic energy makes it environmentally friendly and helps lower costs. Another advantage of using a hydraulic generator is that you won’t incur high maintenance expenses. Companies which rely on diesel or natural gas generators cannot avoid the effects of commodity price fluctuations. A hydraulic generator is also better than diesel or propane-fueled generator because you can never run out of kinetic energy.

Hydraulic generators function effectively even when subjected to extremely cold weather. They are highly portable and require minimum space. These features make hydraulic generators convenient for site operations.


The best oilfield power generation equipment is one that provides adequate power at the lowest cost.  Determine the power you require, and shop around. The used equipment market is a good place to find quality equipment, at a reasonable price.

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