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The Future of the Staffing Industry

November 5, 2019

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Top Concerns in the Staffing Industry

This month, let’s review what the future of the staffing industry holds. We will begin by addressing the current top concerns in the staffing industry.

According to a survey published by Bullhorn, staffing agencies reported having a difficult time meeting demand for qualified candidates. Additionally, there is pressure in being able to leverage technology and automation. And last but not least, there is uncertainty over what the economy holds and future growth.

Source: Bullhorn

Technological Advancements Will Improve How Staffing Firms Operate

Moving on, technology is having a major impact on the staffing industry in a positive way. According to Undercover Recruiter, staffing firms expect an increase in tech spending by over 52% in 2019.

On the list of priorities, the implementation of automating and accelerating and recruiting and placement processes ranked high this year according to Bullhorn. Staffing firms can use automation tools to set up custom triggers and activities when online applications are submitted through their Portal. This frees up more time to spend on maintaining and building customer relationships and finding quality candidates.

Source: Bullhorn

Artificial Intelligence – A Huge Time Savor for Staffing Agencies

One of the major buzz words swarming around the staffing industry is AI, short for Artificial Intelligence. Traditional methods for talent searches still require employers and HR professionals to perform the long, extensive task of examining each application by hand before calling in candidates for an interview. AI removes that task.

AI recruitment platforms are highly sophisticated and create algorithms based on analytical strategies and machine learning. Once the algorithms have been generated, the AI platform can act as a digital recruiter, recognizing employer requirements and identify which potential candidate best matches the employer’s criteria.


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