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TCI Updates Workplace Education

October 8, 2013

tci business capitalTCI Business Capital Adds Educational Content for Customers

TCI is proud to announce the completion of a round of upgrades to its client training program, TCI University. As a multi-media training program, TCI University, or TCI U, offers clients a valuable resource for information on invoicing best practices in both the oilfield and trucking industries.

The most recent upgrade to the system includes the addition of several training videos aimed at informing TCI customers of changes to industry best practices, as well as updates to TCI systems and services.

TCI U is run by a dedicated group whose primary purpose is to gain knowledge of best practices of oilfield service supply companies and trucking companies, and then translate that information to other staff members and customers.

The individuals behind TCI U regularly meet and speak with members of oilfield operators’ A/R departments in an effort to gain insight into each operator’s specific requirements and best practices. The group then shares this information with the rest of the TCI staff before creating content for TCI U. The material may address a wide range of issues, including tax matters, documentation requirements and other aspects of the invoicing and billing process.

By sharing this key information internally, TCI arms its team members with the most current knowledge of the industry, allowing each individual to provide helpful advice to customers whenever necessary.

According to CEO Daniel Robbins, the ongoing dedication to educating customers is a large part of the TCI business model.

“We are determined to continue informing our team members on industry best practices, giving them the knowledge needed to advise our customers in turn,” Robbins said. “By doing so, we hope to help our customers understand the best practices of their respective industries, and in turn limit issues caused by invoicing mistakes. Our main goal is to instruct our customers to the point that they will be able to one day operate without TCI’s services.”

Robbins states that TCI will continue to expand its TCI University program and other efforts to teach customers.

“We have a plan to keep adding content to TCI University that helps customers gain insight into the standard operation of accounts receivables and accounts payables departments of their own customers,” Robbins said. “We have talented staff members who will continue to write, edit and produce this content, and feel that the efforts to inform our customers will continue to be a big part of the way we do business.”

Other key customer service programs offered by TCI include credit approvals of potential business partners, hands-on account support and fast payment of invoices.

About TCI Business Capital

TCI Business Capital is a privately held financial services company founded in 1994 by its founder and CEO Daniel Robbins. The company is headquartered in the Minneapolis/St Paul suburb of Burnsville, Minnesota. TCI Business Capital provides a full range of business financial services including: accounts receivable management, collection services, credit analysis, factoring services, risk assessment, treasury and more. TCI Business Capital serves Trucking and Transportation fleets, Oilfield Service Providers and growing companies in a wide variety of industries throughout North America. The company is proud to be recognized for its reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, innovative products, customer service, and exemplary corporate citizenship.

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