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Canadian Natural Resources
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Canadian Natural Resources

Canadian Natural Resources

Canadian Natural Resources (CNR) is one of the largest independent crude oil and natural gas producers in the world. They have achieved this by working in many different oil and energy industries. This creates a steady stream of income; even if one product isn’t doing well, the others make up the difference. Canadian Natural Resources is always working to grow its businesses in natural gas, North American crude oil and natural gas liquids, Horizon Oil Sands and international crude oil. By being a part of all of these industries, the company always has a few irons in the fire.

factoring for Canadian Natural Resources

Business Strategy

Canadian Natural Resources gets the most out of the different places they work by using a multi-faceted strategy. First, they know the most important thing is to be efficient in every job they do. This is critical, because wasteful business practices affect long-term revenues. They also focus on getting the most out of oil and gas locations already in production instead of using valuable time trying to find the next major pool. Canadian Natural Resources always uses the best new technology that complements its own research. This helps them get the most bang for their buck on a low-risk approach. CNR also believes in owning and running every part of its businesses. By doing so, they can start up or shut down drilling sites on very short notice. Making fast decisions is useful because it lets them work quicker than the competition. Every action taken is based on the feedback of a special committee that meets weekly to decide the best ways to allocate funds and resources.

CNR’s motto of “balance” goes beyond just keeping footholds in natural gas, heavy crude oil and light crude oil. It’s also important to keep an equal amount of short-, medium- and long-term projects. These help give a look into how projects can be expected to do in the future. These practices give Canadian Natural Resources some protection against the ups and downs of just one product or service. It also gives them more options when it comes to putting resources into the projects that are doing the best.

Canadian Natural Resources believes in being responsible. This means listening to its investors, and working with them in the places where CNR does business. It also means responsibility to the people that work there. Smart, skilled employees make up the backbone of any company. Canadian Natural Resources safeguards them by having some of the highest safety standards around. Finally, it means being careful with the environment. CNR uses the newest technology to reduce the amount of waste they create, and they use less energy every year. Most of all, the company is committed to achieving its goal of growing as a world-class company.

Canadian Natural Resources is headquartered in Calgary and maintains offices throughout Canada, and internationally in Scotland, Gabon and Cote d’Ivoire.

Canadian Natural Resources

2100, 855 – 2 Street S.W.
Calgary, AB T2P 4J8