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Canyon Technical Services
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factoring invoices for Canyon Technical Services

Canyon Technical Services

Canyon Technical Services is an energy equipment company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta that provides stimulation and fluid management services to oil and gas exploration and production companies.

Canyon Technical Services was founded in 2004, at a time when natural-gas-in-coal wells were an active sector in Alberta. The company’s purpose was to provide specialized nitrogen-based fracturing services that were delivered through coiled tubing for completing these types of wells. Within its first year of business, the company had developed and begun testing its new trademarked Grand Canyon™ lightweight proppant (LWP™) process and successfully completed its first commercial job with it by the end of the year.

In 2006, Canyon added two additional services to its repertoire: an acidizing service line and its own foam-based fracturing. It was also during this year that the company went public with a $55 million offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange as Canyon Services Group Inc. A downturn in the oil industry over the next few years forced Canyon to adjust its purpose and begin to focus on developing equipment for deeper, more unconventional plays. This strategic repositioning led to a significant period of growth, and in 2014 the company purchased its competitor, Fraction Energy Services Inc., which allowed it to expand its services. Today, Canyon has five operating bases in Western Canada and is divided into two segments: Pressure Pumping Services and Fluid Management Services.

factoring invoices for Canyon Technical ServicesPressure Pumping Services

Within its Pressure Pumping Services segment, Canyon Technical Services offers hydraulic fracturing, nitrogen fracturing, coiled tubing, cementing and chemical stimulation. Of the services offered in this segment, hydraulic fracturing is the largest part of the company’s business, accounting for more than 80 percent of its work. In fact, many of its other services are part of or in support of the hydraulic fracturing process. Canyon’s second largest service line is coiled tubing, for which it is a leader in modern, fit-for-purpose coiled tubing equipment. Additionally, within the Fluid Management Service segment, the company offers fluid management services, water sourcing and transfer, fluid heating, flowback transfer, fluid transportation services and water storage services.

Hydrocarbon Resource

Canyon Technical Services is experienced and highly capable in virtually every hydrocarbon resource actively produced in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. It is an active service provider in tight gas, shale gas, tight oil and shale oil and the company is constantly testing new plays to perfect its already highly efficient systems. Additionally, Canyon has both the experience and the equipment needed to drill in multi-zone vertical wells and horizontal wells, which are increasingly important, as horizontal drilling accounts for approximately 40 percent of all the wells currently drilled in Western Canada. For coalbed methane extraction, Canyon was the first to use 3 1/4 inch coil in the Western Canada marketplace, when most of the industry was using 2 7/8 inch coil. Simultaneously, the company designed specialized equipment that took up less surface area to do the same job. These improvements have allowed for high-rate nitrogen pumping and the ability to operate in small and tightly-spaced wells.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of its workers and environmental sustainability are a significant concern for Canyon Technical Services. As such, the company’s goal is to outperform the industry in both areas. In order to achieve this goal, it has a formal safety management system and full-time HSE advisors on staff, as well as a new electronic-format incident reporting system to allow easy access to information. In addition to a more efficient reporting system, the company has added GPS to all of its heavy trucks and created a safety feature called a “work-alone notification,” which allows the company to dispatch help to any employee who fails to respond within a specific period of time. Additionally, all of the company’s employees go through two formal training programs: Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. With the environment in mind, Canyon has been researching and developing environmentally-friendly new chemistry, which it calls “green initiatives.” Some of the company’s green initiatives include its Grand Canyon™ process, which doesn’t require external water for the fracturing process, and provides environmentally-friendly versions of all of its water-based fracturing fluids.


The future for Canyon Technical Services looks bright, as the company is expanding in many areas. Since having the most up-to-date equipment helps to ensure efficiency, Canyon is expanding its capital program in order to upgrade some of its pressure pumping equipment and expand its fluid management equipment. These upgrades will not only reduce the company’s operating costs, but it will also ensure more continuous pumping operations for its customers.

Canyon Technical Services

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