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Tundra Energy Marketing
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Factoring Invoices for Tundra Energy Marketing

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factoring invoices for Tundra Energy Marketing

Tundra Energy Marketing Limited


Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML) understands the importance of efficient energy provision solutions around the globe. The midstream solutions provider combines the expertise of professional, qualified and experienced staff to ensure delivery of exemplary services. This, coupled with 24-hour emergency numbers in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, assures clients of ultimate satisfaction. Its customer service employees are qualified and experienced in the field. They are just a call away to assist customers in solving issues as they arise. TEML was previously managed as a section of Tundra Oil & Gas Limited. It has been in operation since 2005. In 2011 however, TEML began its operations as a separate entity.

factoring invoices for Tundra Energy MarketingGeneral Information

Tundra Energy Marketing Limited is an asset-based firm that strives to provide tried and proven energy solutions. With years of experience under parent companies, Tundra Energy Marketing seeks to serve clients with utmost prowess and excellence. Its skilled staff has been able to work collaboratively with the firm’s management to create a long-term, innovative and supplementary game plan for the purpose of providing a collection of services to meet the needs of its customers.

TEML strives to provide energy products to the market and improve the value of its infrastructure. This is intended to incrase value to its clients while enabling them to control their energy requirements. TEML puts more focus on the core operations of the firm to offer clients custom services. At TEML, its goal is to create more opportunities through associating with different players in the industry for the purpose of developing long-term relationships and addition of value. TEML also understands the value of networking across borders. This is why it encourages active participation between employees and those of other companies in the industry. Through team-building excursions, the staff has been able to expand knowledge on various issues facing the energy industry.

TEML believes that the key to productivity is efficient teamwork and support. TEML has put in place measures to ensure that in-house networking is enhanced to boost creativity and a speedy response to issues arising.

Business Model

The operations of TEML involve a network of storage tanks, pipelines and truck terminals in Manitoba. The company has incorporated connectivity to its terminal near Cromer, Manitoba. TEML gathers crude oil, which is then transported to North American refinery markets through TEML’s Rail Facility and Enbridge Mainline System. The company boasts truck offloading facilities located in Cromer and Waskada in Manitoba. The Manitoba Interconnect connection runs through the Enbridge Saskatchewan Pipeline all the way to Bakken Sweet, Midale and Light Sour crude oil deliveries. Apart from these, TEML has crude oil storage facilities that can hold over 685,000 BBLs. Tundra Energy Marketing Limited also operates through various rail services. These include a daily service to CN’s mainline structure, automated rail ticketing structure, and a pipe to the rail system.


TEML is a family-owned business whose operations are controlled by the Canadian corporation. The company is a branch of James Richardson & Sons, Limited, a firm that deals with agri-food business, international grain trade, real estate, financial services, energy and investments. JRSL has its headquarters in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Tundra Energy Marketing Limited is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. The company’s field operations are carried out from their location in Southwest Manitoba.

Its clients are assured of exclusive customer service, proven reliability, creative solutions and competitive prices.

Tundra Energy Marketing

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